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Playground Update

The Camden Ridge playground is tentatively open now. The work has been completed with a bit more landscape repair to do. I spent some time yesterday cleaning and checking out the entire playground. Everything seems to be fine with a couple of minor issues to tend to (a rough spot on the side of one of the slides, some touch-up painting, etc.). Feel free to take your little ones there but please be cautious and let me know if you see anything that needs attention.

We'll likely replace the swing seats before long and we'll also repaint the poles and crossbars. The playground will remain open like it is now for a while until we can begin fencing it in. You'll also notice an opening in the pool fence where we will eventually place a gate. A new light will be placed near the new sidewalk/pathway from the pool to the playground as well. Let me know if you see any other needs.

Thank you all for your patience but I also apologize again for this project taking so long. It's been quite frustrating but we now have a nice new area for children to play. --Tony C.

Pool & Playground Complex Use
Please Use the Pool Reservation Calendar to schedule events.

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The FAQs link will have many of the responses to concerns, but please be mindful of the pool rules seen under Documents.  The atmosphere in the pool area is what we all make it. We ask that everyone be mindful of how we take care of the pool and the area around it.  Please have respect for the property, but also for each other as you enjoy the complex.  Go to Reservations to reserve the party area under the pavilion for your events at no extra charge.  Note in Issues that you can make suggestions, report concerns or violations.

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