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From the city regarding recycle bins:

The City of Auburn has been a front-runner in curbside recycling since the 1980s.  In December 2017, we rolled out our single stream program to a small pilot area, which included Camden Ridge.  While we knew going in that there would be a few hiccups, one of our biggest struggles now is material contamination.  In random audits of the blue carts, we’re finding several of our customers are still placing material in the bins that aren’t accepted by our recycler.  We need our citizens’ help to make this program a success!  Please remember that only plastic containers should go in the blue cart:  no plastic bags, plastic film, plastic wrap or plastic packaging are accepted (i.e. grocery bags, chip bags, bubble wrap, etc).  No glass of any kind is accepted in the blue cart, but you can still bring this to our drop-off center on Donahue Drive for recycling.

The lid on the blue carts list the only materials that should go in them:  Plastic #1-#7 bottles & containers, flattened cardboard, aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, all types paper – catalogs, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, office paper. 

We need your help in keeping plastic bags, Styrofoam, glass, garbage and yard waste from contaminating our recycling.  NOTE: Load contamination may cause a full truck of recycling to be rejected by the recycling plant and diverted back to a landfill.

For any questions, please feel free to call 334-501-3080 or go to: 

Pool & Playground Complex Use
Please Use the Pool Reservation Calendar to schedule events.

Welcome Camden Ridge Homeowners!

Greetings, everyone!  Welcome to the Camden Ridge Homeowners web site!  This site provides a place where residents can find news and information or discuss issues about the community.  You'll also see many other features that you may find useful as well.

Camden Ridge is our neighborhood and community and we all feel it is a very nice place to be.  Your HOA Board strives to make it so.

The FAQs link will have many of the responses to concerns, but please be mindful of the pool rules seen under Documents.  The atmosphere in the pool area is what we all make it. We ask that everyone be mindful of how we take care of the pool and the area around it.  Please have respect for the property, but also for each other as you enjoy the complex.  Go to Reservations to reserve the party area under the pavilion for your events at no extra charge.  Note in Issues that you can make suggestions, report concerns or violations.

In the meantime, feel free to browse the site and participate in the Discussion Forums.You can ask questions about the community or just sound off about any community-related topic.

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